Apr 18

Fondant Cake

What is a Fondant Cake?

Back in the old days, art is not just about paintings and sculptures but also cake decorating. Pure sugar was way to expensive, so a paste made from sugar and almonds was used instead to adorn cakes. So long there is icing, there's been fondant.

Fondant Icing is a sweet creamy sugar paste used in candies and icings made up primarily of sugar, gelatin and glycerin. Fondant's identifiable feature is that, it is highly expensive because of the beauty it adds to any cake, and because it is not easy to work with compared to other cake icings. Patience is a virtue to turn a gum paste into a work of art.

Fondant is a type of icing that can be very tricky to work with, but many pastry chefs are gifted enough to use fondant in order to seek the beautiful rewards of their culinary bravery. Fondant can result in a gorgeous, satiny finish that is hard to beat by any measure.

Fondant makes a cake luxurious and expensive. And instead of a wedding cake appearing just a dessert on a dinning table, it becomes a masterpiece for photographs. Cakes with fondant covering instead of the usual butter cream appears to be smoother and much thicker. Elegance is the chief descriptive term for most cakes that are covered in fondant. That elegance makes fondant a favorite covering for Wedding, Birthday, and other Celebration Cakes.

Because of its dough like properties, it has become the smartest choice for covering Cakes, especially if you plan to hold your special event outdoors, like gardens and beaches, since it does not require refrigeration or a cooler environment. You also need not to worry much on how to store it during transport or delivery since it does not melt, provided of course that you still handle it with care.