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Grace K
Date: Apr 19, 2015

The wedding cake you did for us was definitely a master piece, not only it was beautiful, it was also very tasty. I truly understand why go for the chocolate fondant wedding cake -because it was the best! It's been weeks since the wedding, but I still hear people raving about the wedding cake you did for us!! Your service was excellent, it took a lot of s...

Chocolate Fondant Wedding Cakes!

"The best chocolate fondant wedding cakes one could taste and imagine!"

I am Prism and I am happy and proud to be your cake baker and sugar decorator.

I was born and raised in Pangasinan where honesty and industry are valued most. Having the professional influence from my Dad, I went to Miriam College and finished a Degree in Psychology in year 2006. After graduation, I tried working on different companies but ended up feeling half empty after a few months, and that's when i started doing fondant wedding cakes.

Fondant Wedding Cake Having my mom’s enthusiasm for business, I started helping out in making breads at the age of 10, seeing everyone who works for that business lighted my vehemence for baking, either breads or cakes. I baked my first chocolate cake at the age of 11 with the help of our Master Baker, and finally my very own chocolate cake at the age of 12, so from then on; I have been experimenting on the different tastes and designs of breads and fondant cakes.

And since I grew up involving myself to Mom’s businesses I decided to take charge on the Family’s Bread Business, The Podrito Bread factory which started year 1995 but since it’s under my brother’s name I decided to put up my own. Something that will represent more of me, something as wonderful as my passion and whose designs were as unique as my name, The Cake factory by Prism which was established at the year 2006.

The Cake factory by Prism is best known for its wide variety of moist, rich and homemade tasting fondant wedding cakes baked to order and not for commercial mass quantity. Therefore, when you have a taste of it, you experience and taste the natural taste of quality, and be stunned by its intricate details, guaranteed by its name.

Chocolate cake has always been the favorite of the marrying couples, and because of the lusciousness of the chocolate in the cake, The Cake Factory by Prism have gained its reputation to be one of the most sought after cake provider here in Manila and in some parts of the Philippines.

Doing what I love most makes me feel that I have made the right decision to this journey. It is actually a dream coming true for me, to be able to do beautiful cakes for wonderful people and breathtaking occasions. A cake which represents one’s dream for the future, touched by elegance and thought by a brilliant mind.


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